I have been a customer of SuperSeeder since they started. I consistently achieve speeds of over 50MBps both download and upload using their gigabit servers. There is no cap and having the server shared among other users has had no negative impact in speed or reliability. The pricing is great too!


SuperSeeder.eu is one of the best boxes I have ever experienced. They have awesome support, speeds and capacities. Now, they have more and more options to choose from and it really is getting bigger and bigger everyday. I have been a happy member there, and I recommend it to all who are looking for a budget/expensive box to seed to the max.


I have had a lot of different seedbox and dedicated server providers in the past, but none of them was even close to the great experience superseeder.eu offers. I really don't know how they do it, but the support is excellent. Most of the time you receive an answer to your support ticket within 10 minutes - for more difficult requests (e.g. individual configuration of a service, new software, etc.) you won't have to wait longer as an hour. Most of the time it's just a matter of minutes. It's just excellent. Compared to other providers that really makes a difference. Concerning the server performance I can only say positive things. Network speed is excellent too. Both combined makes a really fast seedbox. It's just the best overall experience I ever had and I will be their customer for a long time.